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Kinetic Coasters - Set 1 - Designed by Ross McSweeney ★★READ BEFORE PURCHASING★★ This is a digital file. You will not receive a physical product or physical files of any sort in the mail. It will be available for instant download. The files are Zipped which will need to be unzipped on a desktop computer. Phones and tables can't really recognise ZIP files so please download the files from a computer if possible. If you need the files in an unzipped format please email me and I will email you the files separately! The SVG files may appear with a Microsoft HTML icon on some computers, but rest assured that they are actually SVG files. There will be 17 SVG files in 3 different wood thicknesses (2.5mm, 3mm, 3.175mm) and a 14 page instruction booklet with lots of easy to follow photos. There are also test cut files and instructions on how to assemble the little test cut piece. You will only need 1 thickness of wood to make the files. You can see a longer video of it in action here https://youtu.be/mhtczj-OdkI Files included are 2.5mm thickness of wood. You will need to be able to cut 22cm x 22cm on your laser cutter. 3mm thickness of wood. You will need to be able to cut 22cm x 22cm on your laser cutter. 3.175mm (1/8th inch) thickness of wood. You will need to be able to cut 22cm x 22cm on your laser cutter. The finished coaster will be 10cm x 10cm - If you cannot cut 22cm x 22cm on your laser cutter I can make you a custom file that will work for you so please send me a message after purchasing. You can resize this for thicker wood. 4mm will end up coming out around 13cm x 13cm for a finished coaster. ★★I do not have experience with CNC machines or DXF files so I will not make them★★ I can make PDF files or Illustrator files, LightBurn files and a few various other files for those who are interested in them. I did have one customer ask for a DXF file... I made it and it appeared to work fine so there is a chance that the DXF file will work for this download. I strongly recommend that you only buy these files if you have some knowledge about how to resize SVG files for your laser cutter. There are 1000's of different machines and wood types so these files may not work straight away. They may need a size tweaking which you can do in illustrator/Lightburn/Inkscape (free) or any similar software. I do not recommend that you resize the files for wood smaller than 2.5mm. You will need 4 sheets of cutting material This model usually takes me 15 minutes to cut and assemble 1. Please use the TEST CUT file first. If that file works then you are good to go! I have had customers point out in the past that sometimes there is a scaling issue when opening in Lightburn. If you run into any problems please email me at rossmcsweeney@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can. UPDATE March 2023 - This is now fixed so you won't notice this change I just noticed there may be a mistake with the 3mm version file number 2. One of the cross holes didn't resize correctly and still measures 2.5mm instead of 3mm. I have uploaded a correct file for this now! If you need the new file please send me a message through ETSY with your email address for the new file! If you are just purchasing this file now it will be included in the download! UPDATE 2 - March 2023 A very kind customer pointed out that the large ring on the bicycle coaster seems too loose. This will be the laser cutting away too much material (Laser Kerf) I have added a new Bicycle Ring file if you think the ring is too loose. Not everyone will need this file! I will just add it incase it helps someone. Cheers! Ross UPDATE 3 - March 2023 If you are importing coaster number 4 into Lightburn there is a chance that you may see some rings around the smallest gear which should not be there. I explained originally to just delete those lines if they appear but I have come up with a fix for it now. There is a new ZIP inside called ExplanationInside.ZIP which has the new files for those who are seeing the circle rings. UPDATE 4 - March 2024 Hello! I have added a redesigned version of the bicycle that is similar to how the gears mesh in Sets 7 and 8. Some people have mentioned that they would like that outer ring to be floating in the air rather than sliding on the bottom of the coaster. I have now made those changes and added it to the download! If you have already purchased this set and would like the new files please send me a message and I will send you over the new files~ UPDATE 5 - July 2024 - I just uploaded the files in ZIP format. If you have trouble importing these into the software please let me know and I will see what I can do. This site is all new to me so please bare with me as I make the change. All the best Ross
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