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Create a captivating Passion Mandala with this 3D layered laser-cut project. This intricate design features a beautiful mandala pattern with a heart in the middle, symbolizing passion and creativity. Each of the seven layers adds depth and dimension, resulting in an eye-catching piece of art that can be used as home decor or a unique gift. Material: Can be cut from MDF, plywood, or acrylic Layers: 7 layers for a 3D effect Assembly: Easy to assemble - just stack the layers and glue them This project is perfect for laser cutting enthusiasts and crafters looking to create a striking piece of art. The detailed layers provide depth and dimension that bring the Passion Mandala to life, while the option to use vibrant colors or natural finishes makes it a versatile decoration.
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Also compatible with other machines. Visit the Material EasySet Library for more.
3mm Basswood Plywood
3mm Plywood or MDF material, painted in different colors
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