I love statement earrings.  The joints allow the pieces to move more which makes them even more eye catching.
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Step 1: Create the pineapple

Find a picture of a pineapple and trace it. Delete the original picture.

Make a copy of the vector.  On the first copy, use the Vector Edit tool and delete the bottom.  On the second copy, delete the top.  Now we have two separate pieces.

Step 2: Make Complimenting Pieces

Now we will use the Vector Edit tool to clean up the joining edges so they match a little better.  On each object edit them to make the shapes cleaner and fit together nicely.

I aligned the curve of each to compliment the other part so they will look cute together.

Step 3: Turn Them into Earrings Parts

Make two circles at 1.5 and 3.5mm and align them vertically and horizontally.  Make 2 more copies of this set.  One set goes at the top of the pineapple top and one set at the bottom and one set goes at the top of the lower piece.

Detailed pieces can have designs too close to the holes which can cause them to be too fragile and break easily.  The larger circles are to make sure that there is enough spacing around the edges of the holes.

Choose the two larger circles on the top part along with the top part and choose Combine.  Now choose that part with the two smaller circles and subtract them.  Do the same process for the set with the bottom part.  Now your earring holes are complete.

Step 4: Cutting and Assembling

Make a second copy of the whole thing and set it all to Cut.

Cut the two parts out of different colors of acrylic OR cut them from wood and paint them.

Add one large jump ring to attach the top and bottom together.  Use two jump rings at the top with an earring hook to finish them off.  Adorable!

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