Make a special stamp by the simple rubber.
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Step 1


If you like to engrave something on the side of this colum, please use xTool rotary to assist.


Import designing documentsImport designing documents and verify the size,processing position and processing mode.Attention:The documents of pictures are designed by rubber stamps. If the types and thickness of materials you choose are different from that, please adjust the laser processing parameters according to the actual material.




Step 2
Setting 1
Process Method
Bitmap Laser Engrave
Power(%) or Cut Pressure(g)

Laser processingPut the rubber stamp in the laser device. Then,engrave and cut the stamp by laser.

Attention:The laser parameters marked here are the production parameters for the current case. If you like a different effect, please adjust them manually.

Step 3

Cut and PasteCut off the mat by using scissors. Paste the rubber stamp on the pine wood column with the superglue. The custom-made stamp,success!

Design Files
rubber stamp.xcs
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