Tyrannosaurus is a genus of large theropod dinosaur. The type species Tyrannosaurus rex (rex meaning "king" in Latin), often called T. rex or colloquially T-Rex.

This T-Rex puzzle is easy to make, and fairly simple to put together. A great gift for that young Paleontologists.
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Step 1: Load and adjust your design.

The attached design file is for 3mm basswood. Load this into your XCS software. The size may need to be adjusted to insure a tight fit with the connecting slots. I suggest you run some tests first. You don't want the connecting slots to be loose, as this makes assembling the puzzle difficult. Ideally, the puzzle would be tight enough to stay together without glue.

If you resize the entire project, the connecting slots will reduce or enlarge in proper proportion with your project. Of course, your dinosaur will also get smaller or larger. As is, the T-Rex is originally about 14" long and 9" tall.

Step 2: Cut away!
Setting 1
Process Method
Laser Cut
Process Material
3mm Basswood Plywood
Power(%) or Cut Pressure(g)

When ready, cut away! The attached project file is designed to load onto two 12" square boards. If you don't want any scorch marks, be sure to tape your wood first.

Step 3: Assemble your puzzle!

Now it's time to remove the tape (if used) and assemble your T-Rex. This is a fairly simple puzzle, Just refer to the photos to see how to assemble it. I found starting at the tail and working towards the head is easiest.



Design Files
TRex Puzzle.xcs
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