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In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of creating personalized keychain tags for a variety of special occasions using laser engraving techniques. Whether it's Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other memorable event, laser engraving offers precise and high-quality results to help you craft unique keepsakes. Follow along as we explore the step-by-step process, from selecting the right materials to preparing your design and operating the laser engraving machine. With this guide, you'll unleash your creativity and master the art of laser engraving to create stunning and durable keychain tags that are perfect for commemorating special moments and expressing your heartfelt sentiments. Let's get started on transforming ordinary aluminum blanks into personalized treasures for every occasion!

Insider Tip: While this tutorial focuses on the F1, it's versatile enough to seamlessly transfer to other xTool Machines like the M1, D1 Pro, or any compatible models. Once you download the project, connect your preferred machine, and XCS will effortlessly adapt. Simply tweak the power, speed, and LPM settings to match your specific machine if you're not using the F1. This flexibility ensures a smooth transition for users across various xTool platforms. 
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Basic Information
xTool Creative Space
Material Used
Anodized Aluminum Roung Tag Keychain
Material Info
Black Aluminum Metal Stamping Blanks can be bought on Amazon here: Size:1.37 inch thickness:0.039 inch
Making Time(mins)
Step1: Download the project

Embark on your creative adventure by downloading the specialized project file designed exclusively for round keychain tags featuring both photos and text. This file serves as the essential foundation for your personalized creation, providing a seamless starting point for your masterpiece. Simply download the file and seamlessly import it into the user-friendly XTool Creative Space (XCS), where precision meets creativity. Witness the enchantment of digital craftsmanship as you breathe life into ordinary round keychain tags, infusing them with personalized charm that beautifully captures the essence of your cherished memories and sentiments.

Step2: Place the L-shaped positioning piece on the base plate

The next step entails affixing the L-shaped positioning piece onto the base plate of the xTool F1, tailored for circle keychains. Start by positioning the L-shaped piece onto the base plate, ensuring its screws align with the threaded holes on the plate. Then, securely fasten the screws by turning them clockwise until firmly in place. Notably, position the piece closer to the middle rather than the top-right of the base plate. This adjustment enhances the engraving process, facilitating the laser's precise and efficient engraving of the circle keychains with utmost accuracy.

Step3: Aligning Laser Focus and Positioning the Circle Keychain

Following that, position the circle keychain atop a spare aluminum business card. This step is essential to safeguard against inadvertent engraving of the base plate. Once positioned, fine-tune the laser focus to achieve optimal engraving quality. Align the emitted blue and red dots of the laser to converge at the center of the circle keychain. Upon achieving the desired focus, meticulously relocate the assembly of the aluminum placeholder and circle keychain to the top-left corner of the L-shaped positioning piece. This precise alignment ensures that the engraving process commences precisely where intended, ensuring impeccable and aesthetically pleasing outcomes. Additionally, make sure that the circular ring of the keychain is oriented as vertically as possible when placing the keytag onto the L-shaped positioning piece.

Step4: Add Photo or Text inside Circle Keychain SVG

During this step, you'll personalize your circle keychain design by incorporating either a photo or text into the circle keychain SVG file. Maintaining the precise positioning of the circle keychain SVG is crucial to avoid any misalignment issues. Ensure that the circle keychain SVG is positioned at coordinates X26.85, Y26.9 to align seamlessly with the L-shaped positioning piece.

If you're adding a photo, adhere to these instructions:

  1. Drag and drop a .png file of your desired image (e.g., a cherished memory) into the XTool Creative Space (XCS).
  2. Click on the photo, then hold down the Shift button on your keyboard and simultaneously click on the circle keychain SVG to select both elements.
  3. Right-click on either the photo or the SVG and opt for "Make Clipping Mask."
  4. Adjust the size and placement of the photo within the circle keychain SVG by dragging its edges and repositioning it as necessary. Ensure that the photo extends beyond the boundaries of the SVG to encompass the entire keychain.

If you're incorporating text or shapes:

  1. Ensure that the text or shapes are contained within the confines of the circle keychain SVG.
  2. Position them precisely within the SVG to achieve your desired design.

By meticulously following these steps, you'll craft a personalized and visually captivating design for your circle keychain.

Step5: Adjusting Laser Settings

Now, it's time to refine the laser settings to achieve optimal results for your engraving on circle keychains. The settings may vary depending on whether you're engraving text, vector files, or photos, as well as the color of the keychain.

For text and vector files:

  • Typically, a 2W IR Laser with 100% power, 250 speed, and 300 Lines per CM yields satisfactory results.
  • Adjust the speed or Lines per CM as necessary based on the complexity of the vector design.
  • TIP: To streamline the process, hold down the shift button on your keyboard and click on each text or vector element to adjust settings simultaneously.

For photos:

  • For Blue Light: Apply 150 dot duration, 100% power, and 600 DPI, Grayscale mode. Maximize sharpness for optimal clarity and invert the image.

By adjusting the laser settings accordingly, you'll ensure that your engravings on circle keychains are precise, detailed, and visually captivating, regardless of the design or keychain color. 

Step6: Utilizing the Framing Feature

Ensuring precise alignment is paramount for a successful engraving process on circle keychains. To achieve this, we'll leverage the Framing Outline feature and utilize an additional tool within the software for enhanced visibility.

Framing Outline Feature:
1. Access the software interface of the xTool F1 and locate the Framing Outline option.
2. Activate the Framing Outline feature to generate a visual outline of the engraving area.
3. Inspect the outline to ensure that the keychain is snugly pressed against the top-left corner of the L-shaped positioning piece.
4. Make any necessary adjustments to guarantee perfect alignment.

Ignoring Circle Keychain SVG Outline:
1. Within the software interface, select the outline of the circle keychain SVG.
2. Choose the "Ignore" option to temporarily conceal the outline of the SVG.
3. This action allows you to concentrate solely on the internal elements of your design, such as text or shapes, ensuring they align accurately within the boundaries of the keychain.
4. With the SVG outline hidden, you can better visualize and adjust the placement of your design elements to achieve the desired appearance.

Tip: In case you overlook clicking "ignore" on the Circle Keychain SVG outline, the score settings are configured with only 1% power and a speed of 4000, mitigating any potential impact of this oversight.

By synergizing the Framing Outline feature with the capability to ignore the SVG outline, you can effectively address any potential alignment issues stemming from accidental table movement. This ensures that your engraving is precisely positioned on the circle keychain, resulting in a refined and professional outcome.

Step7: Engraving the Round Keychain Tag

Now, it's time to bring your design to fruition by engraving the circle keychain. Follow these steps meticulously to ensure a seamless and successful engraving process:

Prepare the F1:
- Gently close the lid of the xTool F1. If the lid doesn't close smoothly, apply additional grease to the back end of where the shield slides up and down. This guarantees that the keychain remains securely in place when the lid is closed.

Initiate Engraving Process:
- In the XTool Creative Space (XCS) software, select "Process" to prepare your design for engraving.
- Once prepared, click "Start" to initiate the engraving process.

Activate the Laser:
- With the lid securely closed, cautiously press the side button on the xTool F1 machine to activate the laser. Ensure that you avoid moving the machine while pressing the button.

Monitor the Engraving:
- The F1 will now commence engraving your design onto the circle keychain. Monitor the process closely to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly.

Flip and Repeat (Optional):
- Upon completion of the engraving, gently flip the keychain over.
- If desired, repeat all the aforementioned steps to engrave the design on the other side of the keychain.
- To engrave the other side, simply click on either "Text Circle Keychain" or "Photo Circle Keychain" buttons to access another canvas.

By diligently following these steps, you'll achieve precise and professional engraving results on your circle keychain. Revel in the satisfaction of witnessing your personalized design come to life!

Design Files
Black Circle Keychain Photo and Text.xcs
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