St Patty's Day Tree Decoration - xTool Projects
This cute tree can be scaled up to the size you would like but as is fits on a 12 X 12 sheet of plywood. You can really make it your own by changing out the colors and to show your inner Irish. Éirinn go Brách
Basic Information
D1 Pro
Laser Module Output Power
Material Used
Basswood Plywood,paint,super glue,dowel
Material Info
1- 12x12 sheet of 3mm Plywood 1-Green Paint 1-Marigold Paint 1-Black Paint 3/8in dowel Superglue
Making Time(mins)
Step1: Create your Petals

I created my petals to be 100mm at the biggest and 25mm at the smallest. To get an even distribution I made them smaller by 12.5mm each. This worked out perfectly in order to get the right amount of leaves. I also made a hole in all of them except the last and smallest one as that will be glued to the top. The hole I made was for a 3/8in dowel. The dowel is cut to approximately 135mm.

Step2: Create the base

This step was a little tricky for me and had I thought about it at the time I might have gone to in order to create this base but it turned out ok in the end. The main thing is to have all six sides and the top one needs to have a hole to put the dowel through. I outlined these pots to go on the front and back of each side as to make the base look like a pot of gold.

Step3: Cut the gold coins out.

Pretty simple really, just create circles. I thought it looked better to have uniform circles but if you want to change it up that might be a good way to make yours look a bit different. I cut 35 in total for the base and the on-leaf decorations.

Step4: Organize your cutouts

When I first made this item I did not organize it. That was because I was still trying to figure the design out. But, I feel it makes it easier when you align everything before hand and that will let you know what you can use and not in the way of materials.

Step5: Cut out all of your parts
Setting 1
Process Method
Laser Cut
Process Material
Basswood Plywood
Power(%) or Cut Pressure(g)

I set my cuts conservatively as I wanted it to be correct the first time. I use 95% power at 10mm/s for my speed. 

Step6: Painting and assembling

This has to be the most satisfying part of any project. This is where all the work comes to a culmination.  I start by assembling the base. Gluing the sides together then adding the top and bottom. On the front and back I will glue the pots I cut out. You can put the dowel in the hole at the top once the glue has dried and this will make it easier to hold while you paint. Now I painted everything before putting the leaves on. Leaves are green, pot is black and coins were marigold. This worked well but make sure that you save some paint as you might have to touch up later. 

Once done with that you can add the gold coins to the pot of gold. Make sure you save some gold coins for the leaf decorations later.

When it comes to putting on the leaves, you have to be careful. I spaced the leaves about 10mm apart the second smallest will have 4 parts as it is kind of small and the hole in the middle is a bit too big. I alternated the leaves in between each space of the one before in order to give Christmas tree vibes. As I put each layer I put a small dab of superglue under each leaf where it connected to the pole to keep it in place. The smallest leaf without a hole goes at the very top of the dowel.



Step7: Touchup and finish

Touch up any paint and then stick the remaining gold coins on the leaves in a random pattern and there you go. Your very own St Patty's Day tree. Luck O' the Irish to ya!

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