A personalized Name Tree is a great gift for parents and grandparents. Not difficult to make with a few tips and tricks, the hardest part is picking a font that looks good and can hold the design together.

The font used in this project is "Mogila Display Regular" and can be found here: https://freefonts.co/fonts/mogila-display-regular

There is a video at the end to make the steps easy to follow.
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Step 1
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Creating the Tree using shapes in XCS

The tree is made by picking a "Shape" from the XCS menu and turning off size constraints and rotating 45 degrees.

I used the shape that looks like a slice of a pie - a triangle with a rounded bottom.

I went through a series of copy and paste and "Combine" and "Unite" steps shown in the pictures above to make what resembles a tree. I make each lower object slightly taller and wider, copy and paste fo the next layer. I am making my design for 3 names plus the date so I repeat this step 4 times, you can add more layers to the tree if you are making more words or names.

Lastly I add a base to the tree using the trapezoid shape as the base and "Combine" and "Unite".

(Don't worry is this seems confusing at first, the steps are more visible in the video)

Step 2
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Creating Name Objects

The way to create the name or word objects in XCS so that they can be welded into a solid object is best done by making each letter individually. That also works really well for this project because you will need to adjust the letters so the touch so that the ornament holds together.

In this project I used a font called "Mogila Display Regular" and can be found here: https://freefonts.co/fonts/mogila-display-regular

This is a Serif font, serif fonts have those decorative lines or tapers (also commonly referred to as “tails” or “feet”).

I started by making the first letter "J" and I copied and pasted it for each letter in the first name.

Using the arrow or cursor keys, I positioned the letters so that they are touching so that it can weld as one solid object.

This is a time intensive step but the results are worth it in the final visual design.

When I completed the first name, I copied and pasted the whole full name and changed the letters individually for the 2nd name and then the third name.

Step 3

Place the names in the tree

One by one, starting with the shortest name, place the name in the tree by selecting all the letters and dragging it over to the tree.

You can expand and shrink the name dragging the corner of the selection to get the name to touch both sides of the tree, using the sides of the tree to touch the name.

You want the name to touch enough that the object will hold together but not too much that you loose the definition of the letters that are touching.

Step 4

Use a shape (star) to help make the name touch the tree

You can use a shape, like a star to bridge gaps and help the letters touch the side of the tree, it also adds visual interest to the design.

Step 5
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Put a star on top

Lastly it wouldn't be a Christmas tree without a star on top...

Add a star from the "Shape" menu.

Make a copy or add a 2nd smaller star, place it inside the larger star.

Use "Combine" and "Subtract at overlap" to make it a thicker hollow star.

Place the star on the top of the tree.

Step 6
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Finish assembling the objects

The final steps are assembling and welding the objects.

I made a copy of all the letters and stars in there final alignment and moved them off to the side.

I selected the tree, stars and all the letters and "Combine" and "Unite", this will weld the object together as a single object that you then set as "Cut".

I take the copied names and stars and also select each name and "Combine" and "Unite" and set to "Score". I do this because I like the look of the score line on the ornament in the part where it overlaps the tree, but this is optional and up to your taste.

I lastly move and align the "Score" copy of the name over the cut copy.

Step 7

Adjust as needed

When you are doing the final adjustment and when you convert to "Cut" after welding, look to make sure the names do not have any cut lines make a letter and "island", my first pass, I had a gap in the "Lily" name as seen above.

If this happens you can "Undo" or even smarter... make a copy of everything before you combine so you can fix it.

Step 8

Video of the steps

Please watch the video to better see the steps above.

Step 9
Setting 1
Process Method
Laser Score
Process Material
3mm Basswood Plywood
Power(%) or Cut Pressure(g)
Setting 2
Process Method
Laser Cut
Process Material
3mm Basswood Plywood
Power(%) or Cut Pressure(g)

Process your job

Please see the settings above for making with 3mm plywood.

Step 10

Bonus Parts

I added a 2nd tab with some extra parts and a 2nd tree style for you to try.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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Name Tree
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