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Our creation of Love and Hearts is for Valentine's Day and came from my wife's brain.  We try diligently to ensure we have decor for all holidays of the year in our store and this one was really neat to put together!!!
Basic Information
xTool Creative Space
D1 Pro
Laser Module Output Power
Material Used
Birch Plywood
Material Info
So we used 3 pieces of Ash that were 7" wide x 24" long for this project, and a piecs of Birch underlayment 1/8" thick for the cut outs.
Making Time(mins)
Step1: Total process below

So we used 3 pieces of Ash that were 7" wide x 24" long for this project.  We painted the Love sign white and the other 2 trees in a weathered grey stain to help "pop" the trees.  The next step was to score a basic tree outline with no leaves on it so we could place the hearts where we wanted to after everything dried (tree score xcs).  While we were working all this, we set up the Xtool to cut out the hearts and the letters for LOVE…please remember I have an extension kit with my Xtool so you may have to make adjustments if you have the standard setup of a D1 Pro.  We colored in the score of the tree with a darker grey paint while acrylic red was drying on all the hearts and letters.  My wife added in some white highlights as well just to help pop the project.  Once all was dry, we glued everything down where we wanted it with Gorilla Glue wood glue, let it sit for an hour and added a coat of polyurethane to it.  We had some craft string as well that we felt should be on the top of the project.


We have a total of 30 hearts, however you can add as many or take away as you want!!!  Have fun!!!

Design Files
Tree Score.xcs
Love and Hearts.xcs
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