With the special lady these would look wonderful, sporting a 2 tone look from Sapele wood and red wood. This would make for a great Valentine's gift.
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Step 1: Items Needed

Step 1 With this project all that is needed are 2 small pieces of the 2 different woods used. This can easily be scrap pieces as it doesn't take much material. From the very start the birch wood is painted prior to anything so it is completely dry and workable. The Sapele wood is clear coated as well before starting the project.

Step 2: Design stage 1

Step 2) The first thing to do for this project is start out with a heart for the shapes list. It is copy and pasted and resized slightly smaller than the first one. This is done a total of 4 times with each time the hearts getting smaller and smaller. These smaller hearts are placed within each other with each heart staying closer to the top.

Step 3: Design Stage 2

Step 3) With this step a different software was used to widen the design and turn it in to an SVG so it had full control within XCS software. As you can see in the picture the original design and the new widened design. The next step was to add a small circle at the top and middle of the heart to accommodate a small hole for the earring hardware. This is done with the insert feature. Once this is in place the combine feature is used to unite the entire item together. Now that the circle has been added another even smaller circle is added by doing the same procedure over again but with even a smaller circle. This will be for the actual hardware ring. 

Step 4: Creating a Duplicate, Resizing and Settings.
Setting 1
Process Method
Laser Cut
Process Material
Sapele Wood, Birch wood
Power(%) or Cut Pressure(g)
Other Parameters
These settings are for the entire project, the both woods use the same settings to be cut.

Step 4) In this step the design is ready now it needs to be resized to become an earring. Once the size is decided a simple copy and paste to make a duplicate of the same earring. With the use of the S1 the 2 point system is used to pin point the small area needed to create these earrings. With a rectangle set and the 2 points adjusted it is a simple way to fit it the cutting in a small area. 

Step 5: Option Clip Board for Display
Setting 1
Process Method
Vector Laser Engrave
Process Material
Card Stock
Power(%) or Cut Pressure(g)
Lines per cm
Other Parameters
As mentioned this display card is optional if chosen the settings can be adjusted based on what material is used.

Step 5) On a second canvas of the design file the settings for engraving of the Happy Valentine's Day and ValentineWeTime are present. This is a total optional item and does not need to be completed if not wanted.

Design Files
heart earings.xcs
S1 20w
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