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I made a heart shape inspired charcuterie board with heart inlays to commemorate my wife and I 44th wedding anniversary and also maybe sell as a wedding/valentines commemorative or gift.
Basic Information
xTool Creative Space
Laser Module Output Power
Material Used
Luan,baltic birch
Material Info
I used 3/8 Luan board and 1/8" baltic birch ply
Making Time(mins)
Step1: Design prep

I actually design all my projects in Lightburn due to limited functionality in XCS. I started with a double heart interlocked, and expand to desired size for main board. I used a single heart shape for the end of the handle, using the offset tool I created a inward offset for the finger hole. With the larger double heart and the smaller heart I spaced them out to the desired approximate shape. Using the drawing line tool I then connected the top and bottom of both heart shapes and using the node editor to get the desired curve of the handle. I then used the offset tool to create a shape that can be welded with the heart shapes to create the outline cut out for the board. I then took and copied the smaller heart and used the offset tool to create and outer shape then grouped these 2 shapes before copying and pasting in place. Then I offset the 2 heart shapes to get the desired distance for the inlay and welded them. I then ungrouped the final shape and deleted the inside lines to get the final resulting shape for the inlay. I then exported the file to a SVG to be used in XCS

Step2: Open in XCS

I then imported the SVG file for the finished board design into XCS and prepare the layers for the burn/cut process.

Inllay hearts; 85% power, 5 speed, 3 passes, lower focus by 1 MM to get desired depth for inlay (Baltic Birch Ply)

Text; 90% power, 80 speed, 1 pass (Luan Ply)

Outside shape and finger hole; 90% power, 4 speed, 5 passes (Luan Ply)


Step3: Assembly and final urethane coating

layout board and inlay pieces, glue in inlay grooves on board and install inlays using a rubber mallet to get them flush. 3 coats of Poly urethane (minwax). I will be trying this in ½" poplar and purple heart for the inlays in the future.

Design Files
heart board.xcs
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