Valentine stirrers - xTool Projects
step-by-step guide for making stirrers for Valentine's Day, including a customizable stirrer
Basic Information
xTool Creative Space
Laser Module Output Power
Material Used
Material Info
I used 3 mm thick red acrylic from the xTool shop
Making Time(mins)
Step1: Open file

In the xTool creative space, open the file 'Stirrers-heart-love-name.xcs'. In this project there are 4 stirrers on the canvas: 1 with a closed heart, 1 with the word love, 1 with an open heart and the last is a stirrer that you can personalize with, for example, a name or other word.

Step2: (optional) make a personalized stirrer

The fourth stirrer still consists of all the loose parts. This means you can easily adjust everything. For example, you can make the stick longer or shorter and you can adjust the text. You can use the small heart as a dot on the i or j, for example, if desired. You can then place the heart over this. If you want to make multiple personalized stirrers, it is useful to make a copy of these parts in advance. After you have followed the following instructions, the text can no longer be changed:

  • Adjust the text as desired and, if necessary, put a heart over the dot (or dots). Make sure that the heart touches the letters so that you do not end up with loose parts after joining. You can enlarge or reduce the text if necessary.
  • Tip: If you have a name where the letters are not all connected, you can solve this: Duplicate the name once and put the first part of the name in one text and the second part of the name in the other text. Now place the two parts so that they are together after joining.
  • Click on the 'weld' button. After this, the text can no longer be edited. Now select all the separate parts of the stirring rod and click on 'combine' and then on ‘unite’

You have now created a personalized stirrer.

Step3: cutting

Place the acrylic sheet in the laser. I simply leave the protective foil in place, so the acrylic sheet remains nicely protected. If you also want to engrave, you must remove the protective layer. Check whether everything is set to 'cut', after merging different objects this may be automatically adjusted to 'score' I used the following material settings: Material: 3mm red acrylic sheet. The thickness at 3 mm. I'm using the triangular prisms, so I select this at the increased height. I used the following object settings: Processing type: cut The power is set to 100 and the speed is set to 4. Pass is set to 3 by default, but in my experience it was over after 2 passes, so I adjusted it to 2 passes. So test this out and adjust the settings if necessary. Cut out the stirrers.

Step4: enjoy your drink!

Remove the protective film and wash the stirrers.

Enjoy your drink!!

Step5: YouTube tutorial

Watch our YouTube video for a step-by-step instructional video


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