Bottle Opener Jig - xTool Projects
Let me say first that this can be resized to fit the F1.  Make it within the confines of a 109mm x 109mm rectangle and chop the corners off a bit.   I have included the Lightburn file depicted and also one which fits in the bottom plate recess of the xTool F1.

This is simple as can be.  Make some 12mm x 20mm boxes and cut through 3mm basswood or plywood.  Then take your perimeter and make just a rectangle.  Glue the two pieces together. 

Don't buy templates.  Scratch your head, look at the problem and solve it. 
Step 1: Use Array Tool To Make As Many Blocks As You Need
  • Make a 12mm x 20mm rectangle.
  • Then use the array tool to add as many blocks as you wish.
Step 2: Add a Border and Text If Required
  • Then cut it out!  Profit!
Design Files
keychain bottle opener.lbrn2
Keychain Bottle Opener
Bottle Opener
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