This box can be used to store many of your tools and gadgets. Make one for yourself or your loved ones as a gift!
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Step 1: Import the design into XCS
Setting 1
Process Method
Laser Cut
Process Material
3mm Basswood Plywood
Power(%) or Cut Pressure(g)
Start by importing the design file into XCS software. The file consists of 2 canvases.
Place the basswood correctly, adjust the settings as needed, and click process to frame the cutting range. Once finished, proceed to the cutting process.
Step 2: Cut all the components
Now it's time to cut all the components needed for the jewelry box.
Step 3: Assemble the box body
Next, follow the picture to assemble the box body.
Step 4: Assemble the cover of the jewelry box

Assemble the top cover of the jewelry box as shown in the picture

Step 5: Assemble the decorative parts
Put together all the decorative parts of the jewelry box.
Step 6: Put all sides together to complete your work
Finally, assemble the box cover and body together. Congratulations! Your work is complete.
Step 7: Final look
After the assembly is completed, it is best to use woodworking glue to strengthen the joints
Design Files
Storage box.xcs
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