I'm getting flashbacks (melted rough spots) on the back of my cut acrylic pieces thanks to how strong the P2 is. I made some acrylic sheet risers to lift the material off of the slats/prisms to prevent flashback marks on the back of the acrylic sheets. These risers also have a bonus feature - it helps you see the edges of clear or dark acrylic during camera placement.
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Step 1
Setting 1
Process Method
Laser Cut
Process Material
3mm Basswood Plywood
Power(%) or Cut Pressure(g)

Open the project file in XCS and laser cut the pieces out.

Step 2

Starting with the corner pieces, glue the 3 wide pieces on top of each other, and then glue the thinner piece on top afterwards, making sure all pieces are glued flush. This will create 4 layers. Repeat for all the remaining corner pieces and the straight side pieces.

I used clamps to help hold everything as it dries.

Step 3

After everything dries, it is ready to be used. I placed the risers on my slats, and the acrylic sheet on top. The side riser pieces are not really necessary for a new 12 x 12 sheet, but can be useful for larger acrylic sheets or used scrap sheets.

I hope these risers help prevent flashbacks for you.

Design Files
acrylic risers
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