This project is all about ensuring you never miss a moment of the 2024 Summer Olympic Games hosted in Paris, France. As a huge Olympics fan, I often miss certain events because I don’t have a reliable schedule to follow. This schedule board will be placed next to my big screen TV, ensuring I catch every event this summer!
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Step 1: Choose Material and Set Focus

Place the 3mm black acrylic sheet on your laser engraving machine. I prefer using the IR laser when engraving on black acrylic. If you don’t have the IR laser, you can engrave this file on just about any material of your choosing using the diode laser that came with your machine. Be sure to set your focus and mark your engraving area before proceeding.

Step 2: Engrave the Schedule

Load your file into your Creative Space software. Line up your project and use the settings provided in the file or adjust them to suit your material if you are not using black acrylic. Laser engrave your schedule! If your material requires cutting out the schedule after engraving, create a simple rectangle and set up your "cut" parameters, then cut out your project.

Step 3: Finish your Project

Remove the project from the laser and carefully wipe away any residue or dust from the engraving. If you used black acrylic, be gentle when cleaning as the acrylic will scratch easily. Enjoy the schedule and the Olympic Games!

Design Files
Olympic Project.xcs
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