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Make a custom shaker style snow globe. You can fit 2 adults and up to 8 kids in it. Dog and cat pieces are included in the file too. You can add names to the hat or on the body. The shaker is self standing (can stand on it's own without a base). The bottom of the ornament is blank, so you can add your own text. These are cut, scored and engraved on 1/8 inch wood and acrylic, but any thickness is ok. Clear acrylic can only be cut with a CO2 laser (P2). You can make this with the M1 if you use clear acetate sheets with the blade cutter.
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Also compatible with other machines. Visit the Material EasySet Library for more.
3mm White acrylic
3mm Clear Transparent Glossy Acrylic
3mm Basswood Plywood
Basswood plywood 3mm (about ⅛ inch), White and Clear Acrylic sheets 3mm (about ⅛ inch), Extra fine tip paint markers, Glue for acrylic
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