A name puzzle with a cute background and knobs to make the letters easy to pick up or take out
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Step 1: Prepare Your Background

You can paint your background with acrylic paints or you can cut the design from colorful paper.

If you are going to paint it you can include a design or you can just put a bunch of color on the board and mix it together. 

I went with the abstract style.

Let this dry.

Step 2: Designing the Puzzle

Create your text with the name.

Select your font. Gorditas Regular cuts out nice and clear so I used that.

Weld your text.

If your name includes dots (for an i, j, etc) then go to Vector Edit and move the dot to overlap the main word.  Combine/Unite this so it's a single object for the letter.

Create a box that fits around the word and duplicate it.  These will be the front and back layers.

Create a small circle for each letter that can be used for a knob.

Step 3: Cut and Assemble

Set all objects to Cut.

Set up your wood in the machine and cut out the design. 

If you are using a paper for the background decoration then cut that out using the same template and the wood backer.

Paint the letters and faceplate and let it dry.

Glue the dots onto the letters.

Glue the front and back plates together (and optional paper here, too).

Let everything dry and then enjoy your puzzle.

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