A sign to hang on the bathroom mirror to remind the kids what they need to do (floss and brush!)
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Step 1: Design and Style
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Kids can use reminders of what they need to do in the bathroom so we're making a cute little sign to put on the mirror.

My kiddo wrote their own with some dry erase marker but that makes it hard to clean (see those water spots?) without removing their reminder.

Create your text in XCS. Group the words together with the spacing that you like until you're happy with it.  Select the text and Weld it.  We want any cursive or connected words to stay that way.

Now select the text and choose Outline.  Outline at around a 6 to bring the back all into one piece.

Select the outline, choose Vector Edit, and remove any inner cutouts that are left over.

Step 2: Cutting Acrylic and Alignment
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Attach the 3M tape to the acrylic that will have your words (in this case the white).  Place the 3M side down in the machine and cut out your words.  I used the default white acrylic settings.

Cut out the backer from another color of acrylic.

Arrange your words back together.  I used a piece of clear acrylic and set it on top of the leftover white acrylic.  I then aligned the letters on top into their original spots.  This makes it easy to get them into place without them falling back into the original holes.

Add painters tape on top of the letters, being careful not to move them.  Flip it over and remove the 3M backing paper.

Step 3: Assemble and Hang
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Using the tape to hold it together, place the words onto the backer.

Press down to ensure all pieces are holding firmly.  Remove the painter's tape.

Use some velcro tabs and place one side on the back of the sign and one side on the mirror.  

Hang your sign and enjoy!  Now it's easy to pull it off the mirror to clean and then put it back for a nice appearance.

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