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Step 1: 2 Designs - how to use

For this Idea I created 2 Versions: 

  1. Stringart Wall Art with 2mm Rods and macrame
  2. Normal Wall Art with macrame

Depending on which you want to create you need to make different steps.

Step 2: Laser cut

But first we need to cut some plywood or acrylic (3mm) depending on how this should look both materials can give you home a special look. 


Red = Cut

Black = Ignore (reference for stringart text)

Step 3: Assembling Stringart Nails

Skip this step when only macrame

Materials needed: Glue or Woodglue, 2mm Rods in 20mm length (cutting tutorial also available on my projects)

  1. Lay your cut piece flat onto a desk surface, a cutting mat or some protection is nice to have.
  2. Use glue inside all the little circle cuts 
  3. Place rods inside all circle cuts. Use your desk as helper to get them all perfectly aligned
  4. If your curious its not stable enough add some more glue around the rods
  5. Let dry
Step 4: Creating Stringart

Skip this step when only macrame

Now you need some yarn and scissors for the stringart part

  1. Tie a knot on one nail, I like to have some more yarn leftover to have it for finish knot
  2. Go to next nail and connect them with yarn, dont make too strong and be careful 
    Watch how I made it in linked YT Video
  3. You can fill the letters with yarn or only create outline design, its on you
  4. Go all around your letter and use the leftover yarn from beginning to tie a knot. I mostly do 2 and use some glue on the knots to secure them
  5. Repeat for all Letters
Step 5: Assembling Macrame
4 More images

For this step you need some macrame yarn or something similar

  1. Cut X similar yarn strands in a desired length, make sure you take it double when meassured for final length
  2. As mentioned before now make strands fold in half to have double
  3. Place the closed end through the wood piece on the bottom
  4. Open the end and pull open ends through
  5. Tape all to make even cut length
  6. Create hanging hook with yarn too

Now you can create different knot designs or add beads and more. As I'm beginner for macrame I only tell you this basics if you want to create something else you need to search for it and maybe watch some videos to do.

Step 6: Final Project

Here is one example of how this could look in the end. 

I hope you liked this Idea and get creative! ~Anzy

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