Congratulations to @hinog54077! The weekly draw is coming to a close this week, don't miss out on this final opportunity!


Previous Winners List:

Week One: @Wille

Week Two: @Elisa

Week Three: @Caius

Week Four: @PAWS

Week Five: @Laserling

Week Six:  @Constellation

Week Seven: @jakelek751

Week Eight: @MiniMax

Week Nine: @tina731

Week Ten: @Sherwin



Hi All! We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest version. The main feature update include a UI revamp for the detail page, a new Remix section, and a new License section on the edit page.


What's more, for the ‘Remix’ board, we have a Weekly Lucky Draw. We will randomly select a 'Remix' submission to win a Materials Package. So without further ado, let's see how it works.


What's Remix?

After downloading a project file, you can create your version and upload it right here! It's your chance to show off your unique spin on designs and learn from the adaptations of others.

  • When uplaod a Remix, you can paste the URL or use autosuggest to search on xTool Projects to identify the original project used in the remix.
  • Please make sure the source project's license does NOT contain the "NoDerivatives" attribute. For example, CC-BY-ND, CC-BY-NC-ND, and Standard Digital File License are not allowed. You can remix based on the following licenses: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial / Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike / Creative Commons Public Domain / Creative Commons Attribution.
  • Remember to choose the project origin for all your projects.


How can I enter the Weekly Lucky Draw?

To celebrate the launch of the Remix Section, each week, we'll randomly select a lucky dog from the new projects added to the Remix Section.


Here are three ways you can participate:

Simply upload your remixed creation to our Remix Section. You're automatically entered into the draw once your remix project is live!

  • If you've already downloaded a project and uploaded your version: Re-edit your post, simply paste the URL of original project in the editing area.


  • If you've downloaded a project but haven't yet uploaded your version: Go to the original author's post detail page, click on 'Add Remix', and upload your creation.
  • If this is your latest download: Find the project you want to download, craft your version, and then upload it to the Remix Section. 


Announcement of Winners

Every Monday, we will randomly select a winner from the new remixes uploaded in the previous week (Monday to Sunday). Lucky Goose will be announced in this post. So, keep an eye!

*The first date for announcing the winners is on the 12th of February.

Drawing Process

Our lottery process is completely random and unbiased. We use an automated system that selects a winner from the pool of eligible entries.


Weekly Cycle

Each week marks a new lottery cycle. So, if you didn't win this week, don't lose heart! Just keep uploading your remixes to the Remix Section for a chance to win in the next round.

*This drawing is for a limited time and may end at any time. The exact end time will update via this post.


Prize Delivery

After all draws have concluded, winners will be asked to provide their mailing address via for the delivery of their prize. Please respond promptly to ensure your prize can be sent to you without delay.


Other Features Update

1. Add 「License」

You can choose your preferred license for your project by answering 2-3 questions or selecting manually from the dropdown.
You can set your default license in [My Space-My Projects]. This will be your default license when sharing a new project.
Remember to choose the license for all your projects. The license you choose will show on the project page. You can check other projects' licenses.


  • A UI revamp for the detail page
  • You can preview the new project page when editing a project.
  • When adding a new discussion, if you have any questions about xTool Creative Space or machines, please visit xTool Support


Looking forward to seeing your version in the Remix Section! Stay updated.