Hey guys, it’s that time of the week when we regale you with the most recent developments from the XCS team, address the buzzing questions around xArt, and unveil possibly the easiest contest to date! Let's plunge right in! 🎉

🙋Your Ideas, Our Actions: Paving the Way for Software Enhancement!

We've been all ears, valuing every suggestion that comes our way. This week, we've had fruitful discussions within the XCS software team concerning your precious feedback. Here's an update on the actionable paths we are tracing:
Disable or adjust the air assist control for P2 to minimize issues with burning material dust adhering to engraved areas.

We completely agree with this excellent observation, and we are in the process of developing a function to address this.
Add a paint bucket and paintbrush tool in XCS for selective engraving and editing of trace lines and vectors.

This would allow for more intricate editing and engraving. Our team recognizes the usefulness of this feature, and we are meticulously planning on how best to implement it, ensuring it integrates seamlessly with our existing functionalities.
Enhance the close-up camera feature to capture multiple images of the bed and stitch them together for precise alignment.
We understood from your feedback the essentiality of having a feature that can stitch together multiple images for a more detailed and accurate alignment. Although we are in the initial stages, we are devoted to developing this feature meticulously.
Introduce a kerf adjustment feature to fine-tune cutting paths and control offset for enhanced precision and flexibility in laser-cutting.
The call for a kerf adjustment feature has been loud and clear. We are actively working to enhance precision and provide more flexibility in laser-cutting. Rest assured, we are tirelessly working to make it a part of our software.

🙌 Looking for an Easy Way to Win? Join the Derivative Creation Contest!

We understand that every creator encounters moments where inspiration seems to dry up. That’s why we’ve tailored this contest to be creator-friendly, whether you're a veteran or a newcomer!


In this contest, all you need to do is download the design you adore, and add your personal touch to them. It’s that simple to enter the contest!
We have prepared 4 different awards to recognize and celebrate your creativity! To learn more about this, don’t forget to check out the details on the contest page

🤹‍♂️ xArt Q&A Zone:

Your engagement and curiosity about the xArt feature have truly warmed our hearts. Here, we address your concerns and questions with detailed responses to ensure a smooth xArt experience:
On the possibility of trying the feature before spending points

We understand that mastering AIGC skills might take a little time, and it’s natural to wish for a trial period before committing your points. That's why we provide new users with 500 bonus points, which will let you generate up to 100 images. We also continuously update resources including prompt examples, image effects, and usage tips to help you learn and make the most of the xArt function.


Regarding the deduction of points when the generated images are not utilized or liked, or accidental image generation
We noticed a concern about the point deduction system in scenarios where the generated image does not meet expectations. At xArt, every image generation involves substantial computational resources, and we incur a cost for each creation. However, we are committed to keeping the feature most affordable, hence the introduction of the point system.
We also received feedback from some of you who accidentally generated an image and wished to have those points refunded. We wish to remind you to proceed with caution, as once an image is generated, it will consume the associated points and cannot be reverted.
This week, we upgraded to one of the strongest AI models available to enhance the quality of the generated images, while still maintaining a low cost of 5 points per image.
Points are running out quickly, how to gain more?
We understand that some of you are worried about running out of points. One way to earn more is by sharing your creations on xTool Projects, which could earn you hundreds of points. We encourage sharing not only to earn points but also to inspire others with your creations.
Moreover, we are open to introducing more convenient methods for acquiring points in the future, including purchase options, should there be a widespread request for it.

🌟 Weekly Spotlight: Our Top Creators!

While the weeks might fly by, the creativity in our community remains unyielding. Let's applaud the maestros of the 4th week of August (in no particular order):
451 Projects
77 Projects
12 Projects
8 Projects
3 Projects
4 Projects
These talented members have been making waves in the community in the past week. Check their profile to take a closer look at their inspiring work!
That's our weekly update! Stay inspired, keep lasers burning, and let creativity bubbling. Until next week, happy creating and dream on! 🚀