xTool Projects is a place for everyone to share ideas. Through communication between xTool team and xTool users, we will keep improving xTool products and services for you! To ensure a friendly environment of the community, please read the following instructions.


Keep the community clean and constructive

In xTool Community, all people should be friendly and respectful to each other. The following types of content and actions are STRONGLY PROHIBITED.

  • Vulgar, obscene, pornographic, sexually oriented, violent, indecent, drugs, guns, and otherwise in violation of any laws
  • Social, religious, racist, nationalistic, political, sexual or other controversial and inappropriate content or implications that may cause controversy or offense
  • Threatens, abuses, libels, invades privacy, defrauds
  • Disclose confidential information
  • Purposefully cause fights or unfriendly arguments
  • Any website links which contain pornographic content and any other inappropriate content that violate the basic regulations of xTool Community


Focus on xTool

In xTool Community, feel free to share all things related to xTool. The following types of content and actions are STRONGLY PROHIBITED.

  • Post commercial advertisements, products or information that competitive with xTool.
  • Just sharing design photo, no xTool machine related settings.


Copyright & Commercialisation

As sharing involves photos and design files, Please be careful with the following situations.
  • Please make sure you own the project and it is your original project. Do not upload uncopyrighted files or finish product photo if they are purchased or downloaded from other platforms.
  • If you want to promote your own business, please apply for official permission via community@xtool.com. Keep in mind that once you promote your business, this post link can not be shared in the xTool official facebook group.
  • Don't attach prices when posting product or service promotions of your own.


Be aware of your privacy

xTool Community is a public social media platform. We cannot ensure all the people and information from non-xTool official are trustworthy. Please be careful with the following situations.

  • Do not share your personal information publicly. For example, account and password, email address, phone number, home address, ID.
  • When someone contacts you, asking you to provide your personal information or for a transaction requirement, please be careful if there's fraud.

Please note, we're not in charge of any loss due to the above situations.


To maintain the environment of xTool Projects and protect the legitimate interests of users, if you're against the community regulations,

For the 1st time, you will be warned;

For the 2nd time, you will not be allowed to engage in community for 3 days;

For the 3rd time, you will not be allowed to engage in community for 7 days;

For the 4th time, you will be banned from accessing xTool Community.


*xTool Projects reserves the right to final interpretation of the above. If anyone violates the regulations, xTool Projects reserves the right, at its sole discretion, and without any obligation to do so, to review and remove user-created content and account, or ban participants or terminate access to the xTool Projects.