Have you guys tried the upgraded xArt? It's a game-changer! This version features quadrupled resolution, broader conceptual understanding, and a remarkable leap in semantic interpretation. And you can directly use the new version of xArt without updating XCS software.

Give it a try and share your creations with us!


Calling all creative minds! Are you ready to take your creative process to the next level with AI? We're working on a groundbreaking AI drawing function in XCS! But before we unveil it, we're eager to learn about your experiences and adventures with AI-driven creative tools. Have you dabbled in AI-assisted drawing? If so, we'd be over the moon to see your stunning masterpieces in our community! 


We're also keen to explore your thoughts on this cutting-edge technology. What's your take on the ethical considerations of using AI for creative purposes? Can machines genuinely capture the essence of human emotion and imagination?


Let's dive into the captivating fusion of AI and human creativity. There's a treasure trove of AI-powered tools out there for artists and designers. Which ones have you found to be the most invaluable in your work? What challenges and limitations have you encountered while using AI tools? And how do you train AI tools to create more targeted creative content?  


Let's get the creative juices flowing and see where this groundbreaking technology will take us!