We're excited to announce the launch of DesignFind, your new hub for craft inspiration. With DesignFind, you can access laser files swiftly and facilitate engraving/cutting in one simple step. But the benefits don't stop there. We also provide an array of design resources tailored to meet the needs of all crafting enthusiasts.

A Fresh Name And A New Interface

Say hello to DesignFind - our new name with a fresh interface! Did you guess it right? Remember to bookmark https://designfind.com for direct access. You can also reach us through the old site.

Easier Navigation

Our navigation bar features four main categories: Projects, Designs, Forum, and Contests. Particularly, the Projects section is organized by tags, making it effortless to find collections. Furthermore, we've differentiated between Community Creations and Prime Assets, streamlining your search for desired projects.

'For You' Feed

We've added the 'For You' feed, a new feature that continuously curates and presents projects that match your interests, all thanks to our user-favorite algorithm. Just keep scrolling down until you find the projects that catch your eye - no need to jump to other pages!

Filter Page

You can precisely select projects and designs based on your interests such as assets type, assets from, machine, material, and tag. To make it easier to understand the 'Inspiration', we have changed it to 'Template'. Enjoy a personalized browsing experience!
Simply select ‘Popular’ or ‘Latest’ to filter as you wish to view.


New Category - Designs

Expanding beyond complete projects, we've now introduced raw design resources. Our new 'Designs' category includes a variety of SVG and PNG files, even PNG images suitable for deep relief. If you'd like to see other types of designs, let us know in the comments. We're committed to continuous updates based on your feedback.
We are constantly updating our features, so stay tuned for the next update.