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Laser Cut Mega Bundle SVG | CNC Files | Engraving SVG | Laser Huge Mega Bundle | Christmas Laser Cut | Earrings Bundle | Cutting Boards -------PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING-------- No physical product will be sent. This is an instant download. This product is great for Laser Cutting Machines. RED line - CUT BLACK line - ENGRAVE Just be sure your cutting machine and software are compatible! This digital product includes zip archive with CDR, SVG, DXF formats of files. If you will need PNG, PDF, EPS types of files, please contact me so I can send them to you. Also if you need instruction to one of the products, please contact me and I will create it for you as soon as possible. These designs are made from 3mm or 1/8-inch thick material, such as plywood. You can use any other would you prefer. This Mega Bundle consists of 29 bundles + catalog: 3D-Surf (6 designs) Beard Combs (20 designs) Bookmark laser cut (20 designs) Business card stand-Laser-Cut (20 designs) Calendar-Laser-Cut (10 designs) Christmas 3d village (1 design) Christmas Keychain Laser Cut (20 designs) Christmas Door Hanger Svg Laser Cut (12+ designs) Christmas-ornament-laser-cut (9 designs) Clock (6 designs) Coasters Laser Cut SVG Bundle (40 designs) Cutting board (50 designs) Door-knob-hanger-Laser-Cut (34 designs) Earrings SVG (50 designs) Kitchen-Conversions-Laser-Cut (10 designs) Mandala-Laser-Cut (6 designs)) Napkin Holder Laser Cut (6 designs) Phone stand-Laser-Cut (20 designs) Pic-Box (6 designs) Pizza Cutter (4 designs) Plant Stakes SVG Bundle (10 designs) Snowglobe Laser Cut (6 designs) Tablet Holder Laser Cut (10 designs) Tie-holder (10 designs) Tic-Tac-Toe (11 designs) Tissue box (6 designs) Valentines Earrings (20 designs) Wood Lamp-Laser-Cut (12 designs) Drag and drop the file onto the canvas or open it from the menu. Arrange the design pieces evenly across your canvas. Specify the correct settings for engraving and cutting. S1-20W !Sample settings. The settings may vary depending on the model of your laser machine! Red Layer: 1.Select the Red Layer (the cutting) 2.Set the Power (100) 3. Set Speed (5) 4.Set Number of passes (1) Black Layer: 1.Select the Red Layer (the engraving) 2.Set the Power (60) 3. Set Speed (180) 4.Set Number of passes (1) 5. Lines per cm (120). Please write me a message if you have any questions. Thank you for visiting my shop!
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